Our Products

At ABC15, we're proud to offer a wide array of products to suit your advertising needs. Using the products below, our team will create a customized plan to help you achieve your business goals.



What is it? Television advertising is a great way to grow brand awareness and drive sales for your business. No other form of advertising has the longevity and power to influence consumers.


  • We’re cost effective with a proven track record of success for all clients, even on limited budgets.
  • Programming options include local ABC15 News, ABC Network Programs, Sonoran Living, Syndicated Shows and Antenna TV.
  • You have the ability to choose which format best suits your message, including :15, :30, :60 and :90 second commercials.
  • ABC15 has full-production capabilities to create your unique message.
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What is it? Hosted by Terri Ouellette and Susan Casper, Sonoran Living is the Valley’s original and longest-running local lifestyle program, focusing on providing our viewers with informative and useful content about your business.


  • Sonoran Living is a marketing-friendly show dedicated to delivering results for its advertisers and their products.
  • We can extend the reach of your segment on our digital platforms, including our website, YouTube channel and Sonoran Living Facebook page.


What is it? This is more than just social media advertising. It’s your chance to align your brand with organic posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to reach ABC15’s social following of more than 1.3 million people. This is reach and engagement you can’t buy anywhere else! ABC15 sponsored Facebook posts reach over 150,000 people on average.


  • Reach ABC15 social media followers organically. ABC15 gets 70,000 interactions on our social media posts every day, and this is your chance to be part of that.
  • Distribute special offers/coupons to drive business.
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NATIVE content

What is it? Work with our professional writers to align your brand with engaging content that relates to your industry. Share your expertise, explain how you are helping the community or tell a bigger story about your products and services in an article that’s posted on the homepage of ABC15.com.


  • Quality content establishes your business as the leader in your field and builds credibility with consumers.
  • Most consumers will spend 2+ minutes engaged with a content article, so they are spending more time with your information and ads.
  • Content can also be used on your own web and mobile sites to build a content library and pushed out on your social media pages.


What is it? Use ABC15’s powerful contesting platform to drive engagement with online users, drive website traffic, and build a database of email addresses for ongoing customer engagement. 


  • Build an email database for remarketing and ongoing consumer engagement.
  • Use a survey to drive quality leads from contest entrants.
  • Distribute special offers/coupons to drive business.
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What is it? This is your chance to reach ABC15’s exclusive email list of more than 100,000 people. If your business has an offer or event coming up, this is the perfect resource to get the word out! We also offer a targeted email option to make sure you’re reaching the perfect audience.


  • Our high-quality email list is made up of ABC15 followers who signed up for offers and deals from local businesses.
  • Distribute special offers/coupons to drive business.


What is it? Reach our valued audience on our digital platforms through high-impact, display and video advertising. As our web users navigate ABC15.com and engage with content, they will also see your ads that are placed throughout the site.


  • Reach ABC15.com's 150,000 daily unique visitors across all screens.
  • We offer highly customizable targeting, including demographic and geo-targeting.
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Digital Video Everywhere

What is it? Gone are the days of consuming video exclusively on TV. Today's consumers watch on their mobile devices, desktops and connected TVs. 


  • 80% of Americans are watching digital video. Put your message in front of all audiences!
  • Our networks include premium Connected TV apps, including ESPN, Roku, Sling TV and more.

Facebook and Instagram advertising

What is it? Social media experts at ABC15 will help you set up advertising on these powerful social media platforms. These ads are highly targeted so you reach only the people most likely to become your future customers. 


  • Ads can be served on desktop, mobile and (the Facebook-owned) Instagram as well as the Audience Network, a network of premium mobile inventory.
  • Lead generation ads are also available.
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Video AND DISPLAY ON Scripps Targeted Networks

What is it? We provide the ability to buy display and video inventory in real-time across all devices, in multiple formats on one platform with ad serving, targeting, and optimization. Therefore, simplifying the process of advertising while maximizing every dollar spent!


  • By utilizing the Open RTB (Real-Time Bidding) Marketplace, Scripps is able to lower effective CPMs for identical sites.
  • Scripps only partners with premium and transparent inventory sources, including direct publishers and private networks, assuring brand safety for advertisers.
  • You are able to target the right customer at the right time in the purchase funnel, which drives results.


What is it? Search engine marketing (SEM) will increase your visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) through paid advertising on search engines. ABC15 is an Adwords Certified and Google Premiere SMB Partner. We work directly with Google so you get the most tailored experience.


  • When potential customers are searching for your services, you can be found at the top of the search results with customized messages based on keyword searches.
  • 92% of consumers utilize a search engine during their purchase process.
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Google Display Network (Audience Extension)

What is it? GDN is a group of more than two million websites, videos, and apps where your display ads can appear. GDN sites comprise of YouTube, Gmail and more than a million Google web display partners. ABC15 works directly with Google so you get the most tailored experience.


  • Use multiple ad formats like text, image, rich media and video to reach potential customers.
  • Ability to reach consumers higher up in the sales funnel as they are in the research stage, and drive awareness and consideration for the advertiser's service or product.
  • Massive scale and highly measurable performance.



What is it? We know it doesn’t do your business any favors to have a website that no one can find online. We'll help you rank higher for targeted keywords that are specific to your customers, your market, and the type of business that you want to grow. 


  • Surface higher on Google when potential customers search for similar businesses.
  • Drive highly qualified leads and sales to your business.